Android: Launcher 7 Makes Android Into A Windows Phone

22 July, 2011

Launcher 7 (Android)
  Do you like Windows Phones but prefer the flexibility of Android? With Launcher 7 you can turn your Android phone into a WP7 (Literally).

Launcher 7 is a home replacement for Android that mimics the home screen of WP7. It actually does a really good job. It is fast and contains a broad range of features. Here is a list of features>
  • Animated Contacts Tile (Just like Windows Phones) 
  • Unread SMS, MMS, GMail, and Calls Count notifications (Exactly like WP7)
  • Wide Calendar Tile (Looks and displays events just like WP7) 
  • WP7 Drawer Mode, Android Drawer Mode
  • Uninstall, Hide, And Pin Apps From The Drawer
  • Customize The Look Of Tiles With Your Own Images ex. here 
  • Add Widgets
  • Launcher Animations
  • Ability to set WP7 Style Notification Bar
It is available in the Android Market for Free, donate version available.