The Best Android Apps (Music & Audio)

22 July, 2011

If you are new to Android or already own an Android phone then check this list for the best of the best android apps. Let's get to it:

Android: Launcher 7 Makes Android Into A Windows Phone

Launcher 7 (Android)
  Do you like Windows Phones but prefer the flexibility of Android? With Launcher 7 you can turn your Android phone into a WP7 (Literally).

Launcher 7 Icons

I decided to make some Launcher 7 Icons since I didn't find any for my favorite apps! A total of 113 Tiles in PNG format optimized for Launcher 7.

Preview (Click To Enlarge)


What is Android?

29 June, 2011

What is Android? 

Android (Google Android OS) is what its inside your cell phone or tablet. It is the system that your cell phone uses to operate and run apps. These days you may see Android in Ads all over the place, this is because Android have been gaining a lot of popularity lately. Thanks to HTC, Motorola, Samsung, LG, Google, and other companies, Android it is rapidly growing in the mobile market.

What is an Android Phone? 

An Android phone (or Smartphone) is a cell phone with Android inside. This means is running one of the many  versions of Android (Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread).

Windows: Change Windows 7 Superbar Icons Easily with W7 SuperbarIconChanger

21 June, 2011

Windows 7 Superbar Icon Changer is an app written by Maksl5, it easily allows you to change the look of the Windows 7 superbar icons. It is as simple as choosing a link (Shortcut), choosing the replacement icon, and finally applying the changes. There is no need to mess around with changing the icons from .exe files or the registry.

iTunes: How To Sync iTunes Playlists Manually With Any Device in 3 Easy Steps.

20 June, 2011

Syncing your iTunes music playlists can be annoying when using third party apps. Sometimes you have to wait for the third party app to load and import music playlists from iTunes. In this guide, I”ll show you how to easily sync your iTunes playlists manually in 3 easy steps.

Android: 10 Free Quality Apps To Get You Started

19 June, 2011

So you just got a new Android? Finding apps for your new shiny device is no fun.The Market is growing like crazy and finding the best apps is getting harder everyday. With this guide you can try 10 free quality apps to get you started. All free of charge!