What is Android?

29 June, 2011

What is Android? 

Android (Google Android OS) is what its inside your cell phone or tablet. It is the system that your cell phone uses to operate and run apps. These days you may see Android in Ads all over the place, this is because Android have been gaining a lot of popularity lately. Thanks to HTC, Motorola, Samsung, LG, Google, and other companies, Android it is rapidly growing in the mobile market.

What is an Android Phone? 

An Android phone (or Smartphone) is a cell phone with Android inside. This means is running one of the many  versions of Android (Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread).

What can I do with an Android Phone?

What you can do with an Android smartphone varies a lot depending on your phone manufacturer. You may be able to play some nice 3D games if your phone comes with a Tegra Processor. But it all depends on the version of Android, the processor, the memory (RAM), screen resolution and many other factors. All this different factors have led to fragmentation. Meaning you cannot expect something to work the same on all Android smarthphones. On the other hand, here is a list of everything all Android phones should be able to do:
  • Make and Receive Calls (Phones Only)
  • Send And Receive SMS and MMS
  • Play basic 2D Games
  • Store, Delete, And Modify Contacts
  • Take Pictures (Most phones, if not all, have a camera)
  • Run 3rd Party Apps (Note-Taking Apps, Pandora Radio, Games, RSS Readers + Many Others)
  • Play Music 
Here is a list of what the best Android phones are capable of doing these days:
  • Play 3D Games
  • Double as a GPS
  • Stream content to High-Def TVs via HDMI 
  • Video Chat
  • Record HD Video
  • Download and Upload at 4G Speeds (Download Songs in 2-3 seconds, if signal is good)
  • NFC Payments (Pay with your phone at compatible stores) 
  • Turn in to a hotspot (Share internet access through WIFI)
The list keeps getting bigger and bigger. These are just a couple of things they can do, Apps allowed them to do even more.

 Note: This is a quick intro for regular people who are not familiar with all the technical details used to describe the Android OS and Smartphones.